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"The Nutcracker: LIVE"
Resounding Experience

At Resounding, we don't believe in just producing shows, we believe in creating experiences. Just because we're indoors doesn't mean we can't still have a night out!

Scroll down to get the recipe for our signature cocktail, as well as inspiration for

having a festive Resounding Experience!

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The Nutcracker Experience: Image
Diamond Swords
& Sunday Suits

Created by Jena Ellenwood



  • 3 dashes Orange Bitters

  • 1.5 oz Sloe Gin*

  • 1.5 oz Dry Vermouth

  • Barspoon Kirschwasser or Luxardo Maraschino*

  • Absinthe Rinse


Chill a Nick & Nora glass. Combine all ingredients except absinthe in a Mixing Glass, add ice and STIR. Rinse or mist glass with absinthe. Strain cocktail into absinthe rinsed glass. Express an orange twist over the glass and discard.


*Sloe Gin: Gin that has been infused with sloe berries (a type of plum). We recommend a German Style: Monkey 47 or Elephant. Hayman’s, Plymouth, Sipsmith, and Spirit Works are all available in the US and delicious!


*Kirschwasser: Kirsch is a clear cherry brandy that has a similar bitterness to maraschino, both include the cherry pits in production. 


Please store your vermouth in the refrigerator. 

Pre-Show Playlist 

We've curated a playlist of tunes to get you in the mood for enjoying "The Nutcracker: LIVE." Warm up your ears with these carefully selected tracks while you prepare your special cocktail and get ready to have a Resounding Experience.

The Nutcracker Pinterest Board

Check out Resounding's Pinterest Board for more food, beverage, costume, and décor ideas for enjoying your Night Out...In. Feel free to add your own ideas to share with your fellow audience members!


Telly Leung 

The Nutcracker / Joseph


Storm Lever

Marie / Nursemaid


David Carl

General / Astronomer / Mouse King


Lindsay Nicole Chambers

Louise / Mouserinks / Miss Gertrude


Siho Ellsmore

Miss Clara / Princess Pirlipat / Cook

Jillian Headshot.jpg

Jillian Louis

Frau Stahlbaum / Queen


Robert Ian Mackenzie

Drosselmeier / Dentist / Physician


Chris Renfro

Fritz / Lord Chancellor / DZ


Stuart Williams

Dr. Stahlbaum / King / Mathematician

The Nutcracker Cast
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