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RESOUNDING is an immersive theater and event production company that transforms and creates unique spaces to tell stories in an innovative, all-encompassing, “3-D” environment for contemporary, curious, and adventurous audiences. Founded in the summer of 2020, Resounding immediately produced two series of live immersive audio works featuring top Broadway talent: the first three, presented from October to December of 2020, were performed remotely and leveraged proprietary technology to create an immersive/binaural soundscape, even while being performed live.

T.I. Opening 2.png

The next series in April/May 2021 delivered the very first plays to be performed before a live paying audience in NYC since the pandemic shutdown.

Radial Park Stage & Screen

In the intervening time, Resounding has focused on client work including developing and producing the holiday party entertainment for Meta NY. Primed for growth and prepared to take the long-planned step into physically immersive theater, Resounding is about to enlarge its operations and expand its programming.

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