Resounding is the future of live entertainment. Our amazing new technology, places you in the middle of a live, fully-immersive "3-D" soundscape. It's podcast meets radio play meets Broadway! Put on your headphones and be transported to new worlds. 



Resounding is partnering with Radial Park to present in-person live immersive audio plays featuring live actors  including an adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, a new ghost thriller, Beyond The Veil, and an unauthorized parody in iambic pentameter of a classic film script, Clu-eth.


RADIAL PARK tickets are sold by picnic table or drive-in space.

  • Each table or space is good for a group of up to 5 people. 

  • Tickets start at $100 per space ($20 per person)

LIVESTREAM Tickets start at $10 per listener.

Montego Glover headshot 1.jpeg

Montego Glover


Quentin Earl Darrington


Manu Narayan

TS Instastory.jpeg

Thom Sesma


The Tempest

May 7 - 8

Saturday May 8, 2021

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