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How To Have A Resounding Evening

Everything you ever wanted to know about Resounding but haven't heard yet:

The Night of Your Performance

1. Get yourself ready for a night out, in! Whether you dress to the nines, get your cosplay on, or kick back in your PJs, whatever’s clever for your Resounding Evening.

2. Click the admission link in your email receipt to access our “virtual lobby” 30 minutes before showtime and get the party started. 


3. Enjoy yourself! Enjoy the ambient sounds from the Resounding feed as you sip your cocktail, have some great nosh, and chat it up with your friends.

4. Share a photo of your personal "venue" for the evening on social media using our show specific hashtags, and be a part of the virtual photo booth.


5. At curtain time, you will be prompted to dim your lights, put away all distractions, put in your earbuds, and prepare for your Resounding Experience! 


6. Enjoy the show!


Frequently Asked Questions

What will the shows be like?

With our amazing new technology, we create a virtual theater which places audiences in the middle of a fully immersive 3-D soundscape, giving you the sensation of “being there,” whether it’s a car zooming by on your left, or someone whispering in your ear. The shows are performed and produced LIVE by professional actors and technicians working remotely giving our audience a unique, one-time-only experience. Hear a sample of Resounding's exciting audio.

Is there anything to watch? Is this on Zoom or Youtube?

We think our eyes deserve a break after looking at screens all day, so this experience is AUDIO ONLY. All you need are your ears and your imagination.

How do I access the shows?

When you buy a ticket from our website, you will receive a special link which will give you exclusive access to the stream on the night of the performance. SAVE THIS: it’s your passport to your Resounding Evening. ​

Do I need special equipment to listen to the show?

Nope! To enjoy a Resounding show all you need are: a standard pair of in-ear earbuds* and either a computer, mobile phone, or tablet with an active internet connection. But to get the full Resounding experience, we encourage you to check out the Experience page for each show to get ideas to enhance your listening adventure, including our custom-designed cocktail recipes, dinner ideas, costume and decor inspiration, and other tips and tricks for making the most of your night out, in.

*Note that our LIVE fully immersive soundscapes are only accessible via in-ear earbuds. Speakers are not able to properly transmit the experience.

We’re a group that wants to experience the show together. How do we do that? 

Whether in person or virtual, Resounding shows are the perfect group event. Gather your family around the table as you eat, drink, and listen to the show together (no screens needed).

Or connect with your friends on your favorite video calling app, do a toast with your custom cocktail, listen simultaneously and get your running commentary going in the chat.


For the full immersive 3D experience, everyone who wants to listen should have their own ticket and access the stream on their own device. (You need to be able to connect a personal pair of earbuds)

If you're buying multiple tickets for a group, each ticket will come with a unique link and can be distributed by text or email to the members of your group. We offer discounts for multi-ticket buyers (see below.)

How long are the shows?

Resounding shows run approximately 1 hour, unless otherwise noted. We open our virtual lobby 30 minutes prior to the show to help you Tune out the world and tune into Resounding.

Will I be able to download or access the show on-demand?

The show is performed by our actors and streamed via our technology LIVE, only select shows and performances will  be accessible to live stream after the show has finished.

Are the shows appropriate for kids?

We include content guidelines on each page so you can choose a show that's right for you. Many of our shows are  family-friendly and appropriate for all ages, however, there may be some effects and sounds that may be frightening to younger children. Ticket buyers should use their discretion.

Are there discounts available?

Yes, we love a good deal!

  • Rush Tickets Available -  Limited quantity of  $10 dollar tickets available first come first served.
    Party Packs Available -   Buy 4 or more Single Tickets for a group rate of $12 per ticket.
    Student Tickets Available - Must be a current student or educator and upload an valid ID

  • Join our Mailing List, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to be up-to-date on the latest news, offers, and upcoming shows.

Help! I’m having trouble accessing the performance! What do I do?

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