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Did you hear that? Behind you…. Watch your neck!

Based on Bram Stoker’s horror classic, this live immersive audio experience will transport audiences to the heart of Transylvania and the decaying, undead world of The Count himself. This fast-paced new immersive audio play, suggested by Orson Welles’ radio adaptation, will use new, proprietary technology to create a live 360-degree soundscape of howls, bats, screams, creaky floors, slamming doors and everything that goes bump in the night. With your ears and imagination as your guide, join Prof. Van Helsing as he leads a team of vampire hunters to destroy the evil that is Dracula once and for all. Gather with your friends near and far for the Halloween event of the year: dress in your undead best, light your candles, pour yourself a drink, and prepare to experience Dracula like never before. 

Run-time: Approx. 1 hour

Age Guidance: All-Ages


Sound Design by Ien DeNio


Norm Lewis


Lindsay Nicole Chambers


Siho Ellsmore


Chris Renfro


John Stimac

2nd Captain

Dick Terhune

Van Helsing

Stuart Williams


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